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Back To School Advice for NQTs

Posted by Bethany Spencer on (4 September, 2015)

Show My Homework offers advice and tips for NQTs going back to school.

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Parents' Tutorial; Stay Engaged With Homework & Events

Posted by Rhys Giles on (1 July, 2015)

Your child uses SMHW and you know it can help you keep up to date with homework; here's how. 

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How To... Help Your Child Cope with Their Workload

Posted by Nabeelah Baccus on (29 June, 2015)

Sometimes your child may lost momentum... That's where you come in and help them get focused!

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Parents' Tutorial: Progress Reports & Homework Tasks

Posted by Rhys Giles on (24 June, 2015)

A tutorial for parents on checking your child's progress and what homework they're receiving.

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A Tutorial for Using SMHW On-The-Go on Any Smart Device

Posted by Rhys Giles on (17 June, 2015)

The SMHW app can be downloaded on any smart device to stay in the know about homework.

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Middle Leaders Can Check Quality & Quantity of Homework

Posted by Nabeelah Baccus on (10 June, 2015)

Middle Leaders can keep track of how much homework is being set across departments and its quality.

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Confused About How to Revise? Give Our Methods a Go

Posted by Nabeelah Baccus on (28 May, 2015)

Maybe you're a little stuck on what revision method suits you! Try them all out to see what works for you!

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A Tutorial on Setting Exam Alerts & Accessing Resources

Posted by Rhys Giles on (27 May, 2015)

You can use Show My Homework to set reminders for exams and to store all your resources one place.

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How Primary Teaching School's Can Track & Set Homework

Posted by Rhys Giles on (20 May, 2015)

Primary Teaching School's SLT can track the consistency & amount of homework set & the hand-in rate.

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How Secondary Teaching Schools Can Oversee Set Homework

Posted by Rhys Giles on (13 May, 2015)

Secondary Teaching Schools can monitor the amount and the quality of homework being set school-wide.

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