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Show My Homework at Ember Camp

Posted by Bethany Spencer on (19 July, 2016)

On Tuesday 12th July, some members of our Engineering Team attended EmberCamp along with 150+ other Ember community, core team and international talent.

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Getting Girls into Technology

Posted by Nabeelah Baccus on (8 April, 2016)
As times and technology move forward, it's becoming increasingly important to get girls into technology.

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Enterprise Day With @ChelseaAcademy

Posted by Nabeelah Baccus on (4 March, 2016)
The 3rd December 2015 was the day of our Enterprise Scheme with @ChelseaAcademy. Read the events here...

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A Look at How Tech is used in a Modern Primary School

Posted by Bethany Spencer on (26 February, 2016)
SMHW talks to our CEO's nephews, Neel and Nand about how they use technology in their school.

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Technology - Then & Now

Posted by Bethany Spencer on (15 February, 2016)

There's a difference in how technology & devices were viewed 7 years ago compared to how they're embraced now.

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3 Steps to Engaging Your Classes with Technology

Posted by Hannah Ingleton on (15 January, 2016)

Show My Homework looks at how technology can support your teaching & your students' learning.

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Posted by Bethany Spencer on (18 September, 2015)

#IStandWithAhmed is trending & Show My Homework shares their thoughts on understanding STEM subjects

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What You Develop from Using Technology in the Classroom

Posted by Nabeelah Baccus on (9 July, 2015)

Using tech in the classroom.. it's more than sitting on a laptop - it's about the skills you develop

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Parenting Pressures and Technology's Role in Education

Posted by Nabeelah Baccus on (30 June, 2015)

Caroline Gallagher looks at the pressures of parenting and the role of technology in education!

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A Tutorial for Using SMHW On-The-Go on Any Smart Device

Posted by Rhys Giles on (17 June, 2015)

The SMHW app can be downloaded on any smart device to stay in the know about homework.

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