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Confused About How to Revise? Give Our Methods a Go

Posted by Nabeelah Baccus on (28 May, 2015)

Maybe you're a little stuck on what revision method suits you! Try them all out to see what works for you!

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A Tutorial on Setting Exam Alerts & Accessing Resources

Posted by Rhys Giles on (27 May, 2015)

You can use Show My Homework to set reminders for exams and to store all your resources one place.

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Don't Put It off for Another Day! Let's Start Revising

Posted by Nabeelah Baccus on (9 April, 2015)

The hardest thing about revision is knowing where to start! But once you get started, it's easy!

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7 Exam Tips Only Students Will Understand

Posted by Louise Raw on (18 December, 2014)

As exams get closer, the SMHW Team reminisce at their own exam experiences & what they would change

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The Hunger Games? Fret Not - It's the Revision Games

Posted by Louise Raw on (12 June, 2014)

Revision can be very tense, and knowing how to unwind can be difficult! We suggest revision games!


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Here's to Working Smart for Exams Over Christmas Break

Posted by Louise Raw on (26 December, 2013)

Holidays are for resting but can also act as valuable revision time; so work hard and stay focused

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