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The Power of Praise

Posted by Bethany Spencer on (17 March, 2017)

Praise makes us feel good. Fact. Receiving praise releases dopamine - the neurotransmitter that drives our brain’s reward system. Dopamine releases feelings of enjoyment and reinforcement which motivates us to complete and continue doing certain tasks. This is why praise is such an important tool for us to give both our staff and our students, but also for us to receive.

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The Importance of Timely and Effective Feedback

Posted by Bethany Spencer on (9 March, 2017)

Marking, although time consuming, is paramount to students’ progression. It is considered by Ofsted as instrumental to the quality of teaching whilst the Sutton Trust Education Endowment Foundation found that providing constructive and purposeful feedback can add up to eight months’ learning onto a student's education at a low cost. But in order for feedback and grades to have the maximum impact in the classroom, they need to be provided promptly and with clear direction.

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Top 3 Tips for Engaging Parents

Posted by Nabeelah Baccus on (10 June, 2016)

Getting parents engaged in their child's learning is crucial but it can be difficult. Read our top tips on reaching out to parents here.

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Exclusive: Introducing Praise Points

Posted by Nabeelah Baccus on (17 May, 2016)

Show My Homework is pleased to introduce a new and exclusive module: Praise Points. Communicate praise and record sanctions in the click of a button.

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