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5 Apps to Organise Your Workload

Posted by Nabeelah Baccus on (29 April, 2016)

As educators, our workload and week tends to fluctuate; there’s never a dull moment with the constant need to be on top of teaching and learning and introducing and making use of innovative ideas in education.

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A Tutorial for Using SMHW On-The-Go on Any Smart Device

Posted by Rhys Giles on (17 June, 2015)

The SMHW app can be downloaded on any smart device to stay in the know about homework.

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So, Would You Say Your Classroom Is Mobile Friendly?

Posted by Louise Raw on (15 May, 2014)

Do you think it's okay for your students to be using their mobile phones in the classroom?


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Homework & Holidays And Having an App-Y New Year

Posted by Louise Raw on (19 December, 2013)

Living in a technological age, why not consider how you can use apps to help with holiday homework

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The Pursuit Of... Knowledge and Lifelong Learning

Posted by Louise Raw on (5 December, 2013)

It's important to have a role model... This person subconsciously motivates you and sets you goals!

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