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Show & Tell Week 7: Simple Excel Hacks

Posted by Bethany Spencer on (16 December, 2016)

For this week’s Show & Tell we heard from Danielle and Kieron in Account Management who talked us through some basic Excel formulas. As an Account Manager spreadsheets and numbers are a more than common occurrence in their work and as a result of this, they’ve become quite the Excel wizards. Although for some of the other teams, we handle Excel a lot less in comparison, it is never always avoided and we expect much the same can be said for most people. So we thought we’d share some of the more basic formulas we were taught:


Addition formula: =SUM(number1,number2…)

This formula is to be used when adding multiple figures in cells together to find out of overall total.

Average formula: =AVERAGE(number1,number2…)

To be used when trying to formulate the average for a number of sums.

Duplicates: Highlight > Custom Sort > Sort by (DS) > Ok

This comes in useful when you have multiple cells and you want to eliminate any duplicate pieces of data. Before you start the process, be sure to copy and paste the cells you want to search through into a new sheet.

Concatenate: =CONCATENATE(A14:C14)

This formula combines a number of cells into a single cell.

These are some of the more basic Excel formulas you can use if you aren’t well versed and Danielle and Kieron will be coming back to teach us some more complex formulas.


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Merry Christmas from Show My Homework

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