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Show & Tell Week 4: Company Happiness

Posted by Bethany Spencer on (25 November, 2016)

For the fourth week of Show & Tell our HR Manager Deborah spoke to us about the importance of office wellbeing and the work we’re doing at Show My Homework to ensure optimum staff happiness. For us, we pride ourselves on the people we employ - afterall we are only as good as the people who work here, and in order to retain our employees we make sure their happiness is at the forefront of our mind at all times.

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Christmas is a Time for Sharing

Posted by Bethany Spencer on (23 November, 2016)

It’s that time of year again, and it wouldn’t be Christmas if we didn’t get involved in spreading the festive cheer, that’s why we’re offering an exclusive Christmas gift to any Senior Leader that takes a look at Show My Homework in 2016.

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Our Newest Feature: Sharing Effective Homework with Community Resources

Posted by Victoria Allen on (21 November, 2016)


Community Resources is now available for Show My Homework, giving teachers the ability to share their best homework with other SMHW teachers. With hundreds of uploaded homework tasks stored in Community Resources, you can use a task that another teacher has found effective in a few seconds.

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Show & Tell: Ember Project Night

Posted by Nabeelah Baccus on (18 November, 2016)
This week’s instalment of Show & Tell is a slightly different one - Show My Homework hosted an @EmberLondon project night at our HQ, with Engineers, Sam and Miguel live coding during the event.

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Why Homework is Worthwhile

Posted by Naimish Gohil on (14 November, 2016)

Yet again, we find ourselves in another heated homework debate. It’s almost impossible to scroll through social media without stumbling across an angry article that points the finger of blame at homework for student anxiety, stress, obesity or for ruining family dynamics.

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Show & Tell: Week 2

Posted by Bethany Spencer on (11 November, 2016)

For the second instalment of Show & Tell our Retention Manager, Catherine, shared her top tips on time management. Managing time effectively is a skill that is learned over time - it can be the difference between staying late at work or leaving on time, and for students the difference between getting all work done on time and not having to spend more than is required on homework.

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Show & Tell: Week 1

Posted by Bethany Spencer on (4 November, 2016)

We’re true believers in sharing best practice and providing everyone with opportunities to enhance their existing skills or to learn something new. Regardless of your age or capability, we can all learn something new from one another.

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Show My Homework & Schools NorthEast

Posted by Bethany Spencer on (12 October, 2016)

We’ve partnered with Schools NorthEast so together we can change the way that homework is tackled in the North East.

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SSAT and Show My Homework

Posted by Nabeelah Baccus on (29 September, 2016)
We've partnered with the SSAT as we admire the steps they're taking to promote collaboration within schools.
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The Case Against Grammar Schools

Posted by Naimish Gohil on (16 September, 2016)

Theresa May’s plans for a wave of new grammar schools has caused raucous debate not only for politicians but also between the general public. The plans to allow the creation of new grammar schools seems to call for a step back into the 1950s with a backlash focusing on greater segregation and diminishing chances for those students who come from lower income families in poorer areas. Although, May believes that the introduction of new grammar schools will provide greater opportunities for such children, who will now have access to a higher quality education.

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