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Naimish Gohil

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The Hard Hitting Result of the 2017 Teaching Crisis

Posted by Naimish Gohil on (4 April, 2017)

It’s long been known that teachers are overworked and the burden of admin and excessive workload is impactful to their lives, both mentally and physically. Today’s Metro headline ‘Teachers lose a day’s pay to do homework’ has once again, brought the severity of the teaching crisis to our attention.

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Why Homework is Worthwhile

Posted by Naimish Gohil on (14 November, 2016)

Yet again, we find ourselves in another heated homework debate. It’s almost impossible to scroll through social media without stumbling across an angry article that points the finger of blame at homework for student anxiety, stress, obesity or for ruining family dynamics.

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The Case Against Grammar Schools

Posted by Naimish Gohil on (16 September, 2016)

Theresa May’s plans for a wave of new grammar schools has caused raucous debate not only for politicians but also between the general public. The plans to allow the creation of new grammar schools seems to call for a step back into the 1950s with a backlash focusing on greater segregation and diminishing chances for those students who come from lower income families in poorer areas. Although, May believes that the introduction of new grammar schools will provide greater opportunities for such children, who will now have access to a higher quality education.

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Naimish Talks About His Greatest #TeachingHighlights

Posted by Naimish Gohil on (29 October, 2014)

One of the greatest things about teaching are your students and seeing them develop!

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We're Heading over to the #TMHavering This July 2014

Posted by Naimish Gohil on (3 July, 2014)

Show My Homework attends the TeachMeet in Havering!

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Bill Gates: "The World Is Better Than It Has Ever Been"

Posted by Naimish Gohil on (22 April, 2014)

A quote by Bill Gates on the current state of the world & how we can work together to make an impact.

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My First #SXSWEdu Experience and What I Learnt

Posted by Naimish Gohil on (13 March, 2014)

Naimish's first experience of SXSWEdu and what he took back from it to share with the SMHW Team!

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I Have a Special Message... for My Younger Self...

Posted by Naimish Gohil on (26 February, 2014)

If I could go back in time I'd give a message to myself about work experience and how it should be!

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#HWStory Special Edition (Naimish's Tale of Homework)

Posted by Naimish Gohil on (22 February, 2014)

Naimish’s #HWStory about how homework can be seen as a form of practice and revision of classwork


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Twitter's CEO Gives Us a Great Lesson in Leadership

Posted by Naimish Gohil on (15 February, 2014)

Twitter's CEO provides an outlook on what how to lead... Make sure everyone's on the same page

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