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Does Teacher Stress Impact Student Happiness?

Posted by Bethany Spencer on (21 April, 2017)

It’s no secret that teachers in the UK are overworked and stressed in their jobs, but a survey conducted by the NASUWT this week highlighted just how extreme this was with findings suggesting that stress at work is driving teachers to caffeine, alcohol and prescription drugs. It also drew attention to the impact stress at work was having on their personal lives, with a number revealing that relationships have broken down as a result of work pressures.

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Why We Need to Pay Attention to our Teachers

Posted by Bethany Spencer on (13 April, 2017)

It’s not unusual to hear about the amount of hours teachers are working or the recruitment crisis . These issues have been going on so long that they’ve become what some might say ‘old news’ - we know that teaching is in a crisis but nothing seems to be changing, which is why it was a surprise to see two stories last week that made headlines with regards to teaching that really resonated with people, not just within the industry, but far wider.

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Top 3 Collaborators in Edtech

Posted by Bethany Spencer on (6 April, 2017)

Collaboration is a powerful practice that helps us grow, be that personally, professionally or emotionally. Within education and edtech the sharing of ideas and working together to achieve goals is paramount not only to our success but also our students’. As a part of this we spoke to our Top 3 Collaborators in Edtech and asked them what it means to them to collaborate together:

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The Hard Hitting Result of the 2017 Teaching Crisis

Posted by Naimish Gohil on (4 April, 2017)

It’s long been known that teachers are overworked and the burden of admin and excessive workload is impactful to their lives, both mentally and physically. Today’s Metro headline ‘Teachers lose a day’s pay to do homework’ has once again, brought the severity of the teaching crisis to our attention.

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The Importance of Mental Well-being During Exams and Year 6 SATs

Posted by Bethany Spencer on (31 March, 2017)

Mental health worries amongst students is a topic we’re familiar with. As the stigma surrounding mental health is slowly chipped away at, we’re more exposed to the full extent of just how many people are living with a mental disorder, with 1 in 10 students by the age of 16 being diagnosed with one.

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Making your School a Community and the New Super Union

Posted by Bethany Spencer on (24 March, 2017)

Education is collaborative. In order for us to achieve the best, we share ideas and work together to find new ways in which we can engage with our students, our team and our parents and ensure that everyone is reaching their full potential. Being at school is a unique environment. It’s a sense of community that some may not experience on such a large scale once they either graduate or leave the profession and it’s one that we should embrace and utilise whilst we’re in it.

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ERA Award Winners

Posted by Bethany Spencer on (20 March, 2017)

Friday 17th March saw the annual ERA Awards ceremony take place at the National Conference Centre in Birmingham. Co-founder Jon and Sales Manager Dan were in attendance to represent Team Satchel as we had been shortlisted for two awards, and on the night we were lucky enough to be named winners of the Secondary ICT Resource or Equipment for our flagship software Show My Homework.

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The Power of Praise

Posted by Bethany Spencer on (17 March, 2017)

Praise makes us feel good. Fact. Receiving praise releases dopamine - the neurotransmitter that drives our brain’s reward system. Dopamine releases feelings of enjoyment and reinforcement which motivates us to complete and continue doing certain tasks. This is why praise is such an important tool for us to give both our staff and our students, but also for us to receive.

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The Importance of Timely and Effective Feedback

Posted by Bethany Spencer on (9 March, 2017)

Marking, although time consuming, is paramount to students’ progression. It is considered by Ofsted as instrumental to the quality of teaching whilst the Sutton Trust Education Endowment Foundation found that providing constructive and purposeful feedback can add up to eight months’ learning onto a student's education at a low cost. But in order for feedback and grades to have the maximum impact in the classroom, they need to be provided promptly and with clear direction.

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International Women's Day

Posted by Bethany Spencer on (8 March, 2017)

There is no denying that in our country we have come a long way in terms of fighting gender inequality, but equally there is no denying that there is still a way to go. The simple fact that we are still rallying for equal pay for men and women, education for all girls throughout the world and that unwanted sexual attention and harassment is still a daily occurrence tells us there is still a lot that needs to be done.

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